Podcast video with DeltaTrak's Erich Hugo

Reducing Food Waste with Smart Logistics

You are invited to an informative new Podcast video "Reducing Food Waste with Smart Logistics." "The IoT Podcast" founder and host Tom White is joined by Erich Hugo, the Managing Director-Business Innovation at DeltaTrak in discussing food waste and the IoT solutions that can help to extend shelf life.

Today, an astonishing amount of food never reaches its intended market. Learn how Erich and DeltaTrak are moving the logistics industry forward with innovative monitoring solutions designed to maximize the shelf life of perishables.

The podcast video release is scheduled for Thursday February 25.

Erich Hugo

Managing Director - Business Innovation
DeltaTrak Inc.

Tom White

Founder and Host
The IoT Podcast

Podcast video topics include:

  • Why IoT logistics is essential to combat food waste
  • The DeltaTrak cloud-based software solution
  • How real-time loggers are transforming the food supply chain
  • How cold chain/temperature management is reducing food waste
  • The future possibilities for IoT and real-time logging

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