Real-Time Monitoring with Maritime Service

  • Shipping vessel ID is associated to FlashLink RTL logger
  • FlashTrak dashboard shows current vessel position and expected arrival
  • Geofence alerts notify departure and arrival at port
  • Receivers can prepare for customs clearance and land transport

Real-time reports for visibility on current location and condition of your shipments

Locate your shipments out on the ocean
and view expected arrival

Enhance claims protection with Real-Time
supply air & cargo temperature visibility

FlashLink RTL Prime 3G-2T In‑Transit Logger, Model 22367

Designed specifically for ocean container shipments, this real-time data logger has an internal sensor to measure the air temperature at the back of the container and an external sensor on a 50ft/15m cable to measure the supply air temperature.

  • One logger, two temperatures, one graph
  • Easily compare both sets of data upon arrival
  • Expedite inspections and insurance claims
  • Verify product was carried within correct temperature range
  • One trip report provides clear evidence for insurance claims
  • Track location of container with Maritime Service (available with FlashTrak)

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Video - Introduction, Installation, In-Transit & Arrival

Welcome to the FlashLink RTL Prime In-Transit Family

FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Loggers automatically transmit data via GSM cellular networks to FlashTrak cloud service. Trip information is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

  • No need to open vehicle or container doors to access loggers and download data
  • Don’t rely on receivers to send you trip reports, know the conditions of your load before it arrives
  • Make immediate cold chain management decisions, share and store data online
  • On-board memory stores complete trip history
  • Option to download PDF report with standard micro USB to USB cable
  • 1-year battery life

FlashLink® RTL Prime In-Transit Logger, Model 22361

  • Domestic and export shipments
  • 2G Real-Time Logger
  • Temperature, location
  • 10-minute log interval
  • 60-day trip duration

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FlashLink® RTL Prime In-Transit Logger, Model 22362

  • Domestic routes and short trips
  • 2G Real-Time Logger
  • Temperature, location, light
  • 5-minute log interval
  • 15-day trip duration

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FlashLink® RTL Prime 3G In-Transit Logger, Model 22366

  • Domestic and export shipments
  • 3G Real-Time Logger
  • Temperature, location, light
  • 10-minute log interval
  • 60-day trip duration

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Trip Reports Accessed on Cloud Based Dashboard